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One of the key elements of making the relationship last is keeping your sex life as active and fun as it could always be. Adventure will be the things that will keep you going and one of the most effective ways for you to maintain is through playing sex games. The following are various fun sex games that will lit up  your fire, yet just one note, you never have to do all these types written below, just choose what you are both comfortable with and you are good to go rocking’ the bed.

The very first game to be introduced to you is the You only Got 30 seconds. The play will be held with the period of thirty seconds for one of you to go and stimulate the senses of your partner. The only thing that you need is a buzzer or timer to remind you if your time is over.

Start it with your man, if you are a girl, give yourself a thirty second challenge to pleasure the hell out of him. It would be more challenging for you to have your man with orgasm in just thirty seconds. So, you really need to apply pleasure and pressure to get things done. After which , time for your man to do the thing.

Hot and cold Game

This is a bit simple kind of game for you to play. All you need is to prepare variety of foo that has either a cold or hot temperature. Then, when things are all clear, time for you to bring your man into your room, have him blindfolded and take off his pants. Telling him you want to give him a surprising kind of bj with a dessert.

First thing you must try is like to eat ice cream and do the bj, it is important for you to do it as slowly as possible right from the start because you man’s organ is quite sensitive, so you will never shock him so bad that he’ll lose his mood. Then switch to hot food, this time, make sure that your food is not that hot to make your man feel the warmth. The tendency is that your man will cum right before finishing all types of food you have prepared so it would be better to just have at least 2 kinds of food with a hot and cold temperature. Visit for buy sex toys in Australia.

Slip it off

This is just another fun and stimulating game you could try with your partner. Nothing is more refreshing than giving your partner a slippery and sensual bath. Try making it in a sauna, with both you and your partner feeling the warm and the slippery texture from the scented oils.

If it’s awkward for you o do that in a sauna because it is given that you can’t lie down, just make your room a bit hotter, just enough to make the both of you sweat, making everything wet.

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